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Youth Take on Climate Change for Community Day Of Service 2022

The young people of St Joseph have thrown their support behind Youth Minister Dr. Adis King in helping to fight climate change.

The youth showed up in large numbers on Community Day of service to clean the St Joseph River in an effort to make it more pleasant to the eye and help mitigate disasters.

Dr. King says even as the hurricane season continues it’s important that the rivers and other areas prone to carry debris during heavy rainfall are kept clean so as to allow for free flow of water and protection of the environment.

And as Kairi took to other parts of the island on Community Day of service, we were met by Tourism Minister Denise Charles who engaged her constituents in clearing up a major part of a ravine which claimed the lives of some residents during hurricane Maria due to blockage and large volumes of water.

Heavy machinery was used to clear and dredge the ravine to allow for free flow of water.

And Public works minister Cassani Laville spoke to Kairi news on a project undertaken by residents of Mahaut to provide comfortable parking for shoppers and vendors at the market.

Other projects were undertaken in the new Cotton Hill Housing development in the Cottage Constituency, the Colihaut Constituency, the Salisbury constituency and the Roseau valley and Roseau North and Roseau central constituencies.

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