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Youth Challenged To Lead In Creating A Sustainable Future

Dominican youth have been challenged to lead the way in creating a sustainable peaceful future for themselves and the wider world.

These words came from Methodist Reverend, Morna Christmas-Frazer. Chairperson of the Dominica Christian Council when she addressed the Commonwealth Day Ecumenical Service on Monday.

Hinging her speech on the foundation of the golden rule, Christmas-Frazer urged Dominicans build a sustainable future in a just and fair manner.

Christmas-Frazer spoke to the maintenance of a healthy environment to ensure a sustainable future, not just in Dominica, but around the world.

The Methodist Reverend advised the youth and wider public to be more accepting of the variety of people across the Commonwealth as we all work together towards a common future.

Chairperson, Dominica Christian Council Morna Christmas-Frazer

The theme for this year’s Commonwealth Day is: Forging a Sustainable and Peaceful Common Future.

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