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Youth called to be more involved in Local, Regional and International organizations

Dominica’s Youth Advisory Group Representative to the United Nations; Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Ferdison Valmond calls on young people to stand and be counted in matters related to their involvement in Local, Regional, and International organizations.

A number of Secondary Schools this morning participated in a United Nations Schools Day Parade.

The students gathered at the Public Service Union building in preparation for the parade which was scheduled to move from there through Roseau to end at Peebles Park.

In his address to the students, Mr. Valmond says having been chosen to serve as a UN Youth Representative gave him the opportunity to represent the best interest of the youth and to help formulate plans and policies for their involvement in the development process.

Mr. Valmond says as a young person he feels that young people should have adequate representation locally, regionally and internationally and, as his main goal, will advocate for Dominican youth to be represented in every organization.

He calls on all youth to recognize and celebrate International United Nations Day 2022 with pride, respect and honor for the work that the many UN Sub Organizations have done and are still doing within Dominica.

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