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WAITUFIT hosts second annual Sports Day On May 7th

The WaiTuFit360 Sports and Leisure club of Dominica will host its second annual WaiTuFit 360 Sports Day event on May 7th and is inviting members of the Public, organizations, sports and health enthusiasts, to join them for this event.

The event will see competing teams participate in a variety of traditional sports including lime and spoon, needle and thread, sac race, tug of war, shave the balloon, hop scotch, double Dutch and many others for the chance to win the 2023 Sports Day Champion Title.

According to the organizers, the event is aimed at promoting fitness, health, and wellbeing among club members and the wider community.

It is believed that sports play an important role in keeping minds and bodies healthy, and the club wants to encourage membership and community to be more active and engaged.

Throughout the day, the club anticipates showcasing the work of WaiTuFit while also advocating for health-conscious living and keeping active, while also making health focused lifestyle changes.

According to Club PRO Rhonisha Abraham Waitufit360 as a group continues the journey to 360 health and is inviting the entire community of fellow health and sports enthusiasts.

She says together they are embracing the challenge of encouraging appreciation of self, and dedication to health adding that the Club and its members advocate for mind, body and soul wellness using a very visual platform to fight against Non-Communicable Diseases.

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