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Training For Youth In Cocoa Farming

Cocoa farming in Dominica is receiving a further boost as The Northeast Cocoa Producers Cooperative received funding from Australian Aid to train young people in the growing of quality Cocoa.

Forty-five youth aged 18 to 40, mainly from the North East, will undergo over a period of 3 months, 12 weekly sessions on topics including land preparation, pod selection, grafting, pruning, Pest and Disease Control. Farm visits, demonstrations and group presentations form an integral part of the training.

The growing of this crop is being promoted to assist with government’s effort to further develop the Cocoa Industry in Dominica and recover from the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. Significantly, the type of Cocoa grown in Dominica is of high quality, fine flavor cocoa.

At present, interested persons from the North East: Kalinago Territory through to Bense and Anse De Mai, are being invited to register at their village council office, to participate in this free training programme, scheduled to begin on February 10th, 2022.

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