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Tradibelle Launches Bele Gold Album

Bèlè Folk music and dance group Tradibelle officially launched their new album Tradibelle – Bele Gold.

The album is the result of a collaboration between Konmité Pou Etid Kwéyol (KEK), the Cultural Division, the University of Bedfordshire and the Arts & Humanities Research Council in the UK. The late Dr. Violet Cuffy who worked at the University of Bedfordshire played an important role in sourcing the funding for the project.

Bele remains an important part of Dominican culture with vibrant music and overall inspiring drum beat. President of KEK Raymond Lawrence believes Culture is tradition mixed with contemporary ideas complementing each other.

Lawrence says the recording of Tradibelle’s ‘Bele Gold’ Album is an important step in promoting and preserving Dominica’s language, music and dance.

President of KEK Raymond Lawrence

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