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Tonge Group of Companies Creates Three New Scholarships To Assist Students

The Tonge group of companies has added three new scholarships to students to pursue their secondary education at various learning institutions.

At a ceremony held at the company’s offices, the company renewed its commitment to 9 students currently under its scholarship program and added three more to the list, bring the total now under support of the Tonge Group of Companies to 12.

Melissa Darroux

Marketing officer of the Tonge Group of Companies, Melissa Darroux says the longevity of the company is what enables it to be able to give back to the community.

Marketing officer of the Tonge Group of Companies, Melissa Darroux

Mr. Curtis Tonge

Also speaking at the ceremony was the chairman of the Tonge Group of Companies, was Mr. Curtis Tonge who told the recipients that the road ahead will not be easy.

Chairman of the Tongue Group of Companies, Kurtis Tongue.

  • Metin Brumant                                    Meah Andrew
  • Bernice Lawrence                                Gerfan Reid
  • Markelia JnoBaptiste                            Jahka Durand
  • Geony JnoBaptiste                               Justin Alexander

And Vinera Valerie renewed their scholarship agreements with the company.

Kelisha Mya Alexander, Mc Cathy Hamilton and Jewel Diamond Barry were the three new recipients of scholarships for this year

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