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Thea Lafond Wins Bronze Medal at the 2023 Pan American Games

With support from her team both abroad and locally, Thea Lafond, known for her 14.90-meter triple jump, has won the bronze medal for Women’s triple jump at the 2023 Pan American Games.

Lafond has been a prevalent athlete specializing in triple jump over several years and has won many awards for the discipline. She remarked that it was a wonderful experience and looks forward to participating in 2027’s Pan Am Games.

Along with Thea were other competing athletes from Dominica namely, Dennick Luke, Tristan James, and Joshua Toussaint.

Lafond also hopes to see a wider range of disciplines coming from Dominica to be represented at the Games in 2027.

Thea Lafond, Dominica’s renowned Triple Jump Athlete

Each athlete placed their best foot forward as they represented their country, and will continue to do so in future events.

The Pan American Games occur every four years and travelling coach, Korlita Hamilton is hopeful for the state and representation of Dominica at future athletics events such as the Pan American Games.

Korlita Hamilton, Dominica’s Chef de Mission

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