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The Yachting Industry Continues to Thrive in the North of the island

Parliamentary representative for the Portsmouth Constituency and Dominica’s Minister if Trade Ian Douglas says the yachting industry under the ministry of tourism continues to thrive, in in the north of the island

He says the town of Portsmouth is the premier destination for the yachtingsector in Dominica and that the yachtie appreciation week is expected to be one of the largest tourism events taking place in Dominica in the not too distant future.

He has given credit to the Portsmouth Associations of Yachting Sector PAYS for their unwavering support towards that sector

Mr. Douglas says the owners of yachts who dock in the north have made a significant contribution towards the vulnerable in Dominica post hurricane Maria.

Douglas says the new introduce volunteerism has had a tremendous and positive impact on the yachting sector in the north of the island.

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