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The Number of Covid 19 Related Deaths has been Steadily Rising!

The number of covid 19 related deaths has been steadily rising in Dominica with about 4 deaths recorded within the last week.

Speaking at a press conference last week, National Epidemiologist, Dr Shallaudin Ahmed reported a total of 14 deaths as at September 23.

The island reported at that time a total of 581 active cases of covid-19.

Meantime statistics indicate that the weekly average has increased from 55% in the previous week to 66% last week.

Dr Ahmed also gave a breakdown of severity of the 581 active cases.

National Epidemiologist, Dr Shallaudin Ahmed

As at September 24th the new covid 19 dashboard reflected a total of 598 cases and 15 deaths reported.

Dr Ahmed also revealed that for the first time, a large number of infected cases are children.

The delta variant which is currently the most transmissible is the dominant on the island.

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