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Super carnival group, Ban Akiyo of Guadeloupe to perform at WCMF 2018

Akiyo, one of the most recognised and powerful carnival groups in the Antilles brings to the festival, a rich mix of the traditional Gwoka drumming born in Guadeloupe with African retentions and afro-Caribbean sensibilities.

Ban Akiyo, will bring their unique rhythm and powerful sound to the grounds of Festival City on the middle night of the festival, and continue the tradition to entertain and bring the people together in love and unity. At the end of the second night, they will take their sound and the masses with them to the Creole Bod La Mer on the Roseau Bayfront to thrill patrons with their unique drumming..

They are expected to add a special cultural integration to the 2018 WCMF

Naomi Green is member of band Akiyo

She said the band is coming to Dominica at its own expenses given the devastation the country went through during Hurricane Maria. According to Ms. Green all they are asking for a is a place for the group of 30 to rest their head and the instruments

Ms. Green says the festival has created a big impact in Guadeloupe and she can only hope that Dominican are prepared to make their home available to house persons who may be coming to Dominica for the event

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