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Solid Waste Cooperation warns events organizers of penalty for littering

As Dominicans prepare to celebrate the Easter weekend the Dominica Solid Waste Management Cooperation is advising party organizers who will be hosting events on Easter Sunday and Monday that there is a penalty for littering and for not cleaning up after their events.

There have been reports that organizers of beach and other activities do not keep up to their side of the agreement that the areas must be cleaned after such activities.

General Manager of the Dominica Sold Waste Management Cooperation Jeno Jacob says the penalty for such negligence has increased and event organizers will be held responsible.

Meanwhile Jacob is advising individuals and companies who transport garbage to the landfill to ensure it is properly covered as required by law.

The same would apply to vehicles laden with building materials particularly sand and cement as these could cause respiratory problems and accidents if they are not transported in the proper manner


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