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Signal Band – On My Way (Side Life)

Directed by: Shelly & Signal Band
Co-Directed, Shot & Edited by: MediaLinx
Styled by: Bellanoir
Fashion Makeup by: Queen II Queen
Special thanks: Joyful Anointed Helpers Emergency Service, Hair To Slay, My Other Wife (M.O.W) Restaurant, Ramco Transmission Plus, Tamika Ettienne & Yohan Durand, E.T.A.G., Junkey.

MAIN CAST: Shelly, Starsha, Wawa, Betty-Ann, Jerlani

Car Lender: Craig Joseph
Hairdresser: Emelda Boston (Hair To Slay)
Police Officer: Matthew Walsh
Paramedic: Tony Jno. Baptiste (Joyful Anointed Helpers)
Nosey neighbor: Danna Augustine 

Performed by: Shelly, Starsha, Wawa
Written by: Side Man Association (SMA), Elias Dupuis, fans
Arranged by: Arade “MaskMan” Moses, Dernel “Dernz” Green, Sheldon “Shelly” Alfred
Live drums by: Akim Hazel
Live bass & rhythm guitars by: Giovannie “Gio” Green
Engineered by: Dernel Green
Graphics & animation by: Darren Green,
Core Designs Original “On My Way” melody: Stuck On You – Lionel Richie

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