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SHAPE (Society for Historic Architectural Preservation and Enhancement) is delighted to
announce the appointment of Vanessa Prevost as Project Manager and Angus McIntrye as
Technical Officer of the Urban Forestry and Greening of Roseau programme, an initiative funded
by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), also in collaboration with
the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Division.

President of SHAPE Marica Honychurch says: “I am delighted that both Vanessa Prevost and
Angus McIntyre are on board for this project and I am confident this will be a successful
collaboration in this exciting initiative.”

Ms Prevost says: “I am very pleased to be managing this FAO Green City Initiative on behalf of
SHAPE and to work alongside Angus McIntyre. Dominica by default is a very “green” country
but if we do not continue to educate our citizens, especially our youth, about the importance of
being good stewards of our environment and to cherish our beautiful surroundings this “green”
can easily be lost. Trees and green spaces not only enhance the beauty of a city but also create
cool spaces for relaxation, recreation, and help reduce stress. I applaud SHAPE for bringing
into focus the fact that historic architecture does not exist in isolation but is an integral part of a
city landscape. I look forward to the successful execution of this project and to a greener city of

Roseau has been chosen as one of the first 100 cities in the world to participate in this pilot
programme which aims to improve the livelihood and wellbeing of the world’s urban populations.
Its goal is to green up Roseau, through the landscaping of parks and school grounds as well as
encouraging businesses and residents to engage in urban forestry and landscaping. SHAPE
aims to bring the essence of the Nature Island into its capital. This will assist with the national
goal to become a climate-resilient, environmentally friendly country.
To that end the project will include a tree-planting project, a Plant It Up competition to encourage
residents and buildings to beautify their immediate environment, and a schools training
programme. The programme will run until December 2022

SHAPE welcomes the appointment of Vanessa Prevost as project manager. Ms Prevost is a
Dominican who has worked as a project manager for 20 years. She has had wide experience in
community based agricultural and environmental projects across Dominica, including work on a
forest and natural resource restoration project in the Kalinago Territory. She has been the
director and co-founder of Agricultural Transformation and Management Consultants since 2002
and has a broad background in all aspects of community training, project writing, public relations
and private sector management work.

Angus McIntyre, who takes up his position on the project as technical officer, is a Dominican
with long experience in agriculture. The owner of Mac’s Plant Nursery in Canefield, he was the contractor (2013-2016) for the OECS funded Ecosystem Restoration Project responsible for the
ecosystem restoration of lands in Jimmit, Tarrou and the Scotts Head peninsula to combat the
effects of climate change. From 2016-2019, he was coordinator of the banana and plantain
management programme for the Ministry of Agriculture.

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