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Senior Director at the Commonwealth praises Dominica’s resilience agenda

Dominica’s climate resilience agenda has received high marks from the Commonwealth Secretariat.


Senior Director of the Economic, Youth and Sustainable Directorate for the Commonwealth Secretariat Pra-Ja-Pa-Ti Trivedi is in Dominica this week conducting a workshop for senior public officers on ‘Achieving Climate Resilience: Converting Vision into Results” at the Goodwill Parish Hall.


He resilience is heavily dependent on an integrated government approach.


“Government is a team sport. It cannot afford to pursue one single objective. It has to simultaneously pursue all of them and they are interrelated.


“You must have a system wide approach. It has to be all of Government and it must be integrated,” he said.


He has high praise for Government’s approach to building resilience.


“The agenda is clear and I feel there is enormous political commitments. When I listen to the permanent secretaries, the ideas are very clear and specific experiences and solutions. Now all we have to do is work together and get them implemented,” Trivedi said.


The workshop is organized by the Government of Dominica and the Climate Resilience Agency of Dominica (CREAD) in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat and ends today.


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