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Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan has taken a Swipe at the Opposition Members of Parliament.

Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan has taken a swipe at the Opposition members of parliament for their lazy and neglected approach towards the people who have elected them into office.

He deems as malicious the attitude of the UWP MPs who have been provided with constituency offices to be used to assist their constituents in need, and are not using these offices for the purposes they were intended.

There have been talks by the opposition that the parliament is the only place that they can speak to the issues affecting their constituents and have no obligation to the offices in their constituencies

But Astaphan says if this is the case, then government should stop paying for the constituency offices immediately and stop the allowances given to these Opposition MPs.

He says the Opposition MP who receive a salary and other allowances from government are doing nothing more than rip the country of its financial resources.

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