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Sam Raphael Urged Youth to Grab Opportunities To Develop Self and Country

Entrepreneur and Hotel Developer Sam Raphael  has urged Dominican youth to always be prepared to grab opportunities to develop self and country.

Mr. Raphael was the featured speaker at this morning’s 50 More Dominica Youth Summit organized by the I Have a Right Foundation in collaboration with I am a Girl Barbados.

He recounted how he faced a particular tough year in 2015 with the grounding of two of his planes, a cancer diagnoses for his son and the loss of Jungle Bay Resort after the passage of Tropical Storm Erika, and how he came through these difficulties.

He explained that being prepared can put persons ahead in more ways that one, and used his own experience as an example.

He stated that how well someone does is determined by them, and how prepared they are and that not all opportunities are lost because they were turned away, but majority are lost because of lack of preparedness.

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