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Roseau Fisheries To Be Rehabilitated

Julian Defoe, Senior Fisheries Officer during a press conference this week, told of rehabilitations works on the Roseau Fisheries Complex which is expected to commence soon.

He mentioned that the over 15 million dollar project is being funded by the Government of Japan  and is nearing the construction phase.

“Roseau Fisheries Complex is one of the biggest investment that is going to come on stream, we are past the commitment level with the Japanese, we are into implementation, assessment all of these things are being done. Comprehensive assessment has been completed in November, as we speak now from the last week in May, the mission is going to come again to present to us the detailed outline of what they are going to do”

He mentioned that the detailed outline expected in May will include the rehabilitation of Roseau, new food safety guidelines and processing issues. Environmental friendly equipment will also be implemented in the new Roseau Fisheries Complex.

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