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Roseau Central MP Endorses the Candidacy of Miriam Blanchard

DLP candidate for the Roseau Central constituency, Melissa Popone Skerrit has called on constituents in the Roseau North Constituency to give their full support to Miriam Blanchard as the new candidate for Roseau North.

Skerrit believes Blanchard with chart a new way to forswear for the people of the area and bring economic and other areas of development to Roseau North as has been realized in the Roseau central constituency by the current MP.

She spoke at the endorsement and launching ceremony of Blanchard last week.

Blanchard will for the firt time contest that seat now under the control of the UWP.

Poponne Skerrit says Blanchard, like the Roseau central MP will bring a new way of life for the youth, particularly in the area of technology.

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