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Road Access Restored to Upper Petite Soufriere

Progress continues in restoring access to the east of the island following a trough system that resulted in heavy rains which caused multiple landslides, flash floods, and interrupted access to water and electricity.

Press Secretary in the office of Prime Minister Dionne Durand-Smith says, road access has been restored to upper Petite Soufriere and works continue to restore access to more communities in the area.

Works to restore water access to the affected areas including San Sauveur and good hope continue as the Dominica water and sewerage company DOWASCO make efforts to repair damaged pipelines.

Meantime, Relocation efforts are being considered for the community of Petite Soufriere as officials have begun assessing the needs of the community following the weather system.

At present, one elderly man has been transferred to an elderly living facility.

Electricity has been restored to all of Petite Soufriere

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