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Prime Minister Calls to Action Small Island Developing States

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has called for decisive action to support Small Island developing states to build capacity to fight climate change.

Mr. Skerrit addressed a high level meeting on Climate and Sustainable Development at the United Nations in New York.

Prime Minister Skerrit said the global community should work to provide a decent standard of living for world citizens and secure sustainable development.

Mr. Skerrit also asked world leaders to consider the need to share knowledge and best practices.

“Third is the creation of a mechanism for countries of the global south to share knowledge best practices low carbon technologies and the services of national experts in helping each other to find solutions to common problems of climate change and development”

He continued that he maintains his stance in his past address at the United Nations after Hurricane Maria, ” that the global population must see itself in a war against climate change as with any other war we must take the threat seriously,”

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