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President of PAYS Advocates For Tourism Authorities To Review Protocols For International Yacht Tourists

President of the Portsmouth Association of Yachting Services (PAYS) Andrew Cobra O’Brien fears Dominica is losing out on significant yacht tourism revenue, due to its stringent travel protocols for yacht tourists.

Portsmouth’s Prince Rupert’s Bay is a popular anchorage for both charter and cruising yachts from as far as Canada and Europe.

O’Brien says PAYS has contributed to revitalizing the yachting sector and establishing systems to ensure safety for yacht tourists docking on the northern bay.

However Obrien says PAYS work over the years is being threatened, by COVID-19 protocols, which he deems as not yachting-friendly.

O’Brien says while the number of days for a yacht operator to remain quarantined on the vessel has been reduced, it is still too long a time to have these international tourists waiting to be cleared – although they are fully vaccinated.

The owner of Cobra Tours questions why if risk is less traveling on a yacht, why are the travel protocols so stringent for sea.

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