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President Charles Savarin Embraces Relations with South Korea

His Excellency the president of the commonwealth of Dominica Charles Angelo Savarin is anticipating that Korean ambassador to Dominica his excellency Kin Byung Yun can assist with strengthen the bilateral relations between South Korea and Dominica during his Tour in Dominica.

Ambassador Yun presented his credentials to President Savarin this week.

President Savarin is also hoping that further opportunities can be explored between the two countries following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria to Dominica in 2017. The two countries established diplomatic relations since 1978 and President Savarin said these relations have proven to be cordial and fruitful over the years.

His Excellency said these kind gestures represent the commitment mutual understanding and trust that have been developed during the years of diplomatic relations.

The President went on to extended an invitation to the ambassador of the UN as to initiate more frequent visits Dominica as the country seeks to rebuild as the first resilient in the world.

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