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Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services now led by a new President

Dominica’s Yachting Industry should be the most resilient during the Coronavirus crisis, due to its natural culture of isolation.

That is the declaration of newly elected President of the Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services, Andrew “Cobra” O’Brien.

The Association recently elected a new executive, with O’Brien, owner of Cobra Tours in Portsmouth, at the helm.

In an interview with Kairi News, he stressed significant challenges the Yachting Industry has faced since Dominica closed its borders, and said his first order of business is working with Tourism Authority to provide income opportunities for Yachters.

O’Brien believes the yachting industry is the safest travel medium during the Coronavirus Pandemic, as persons are naturally confined for long periods of time on water, and away from the public.

He says Dominica has received a number of dock requests from yachters, and the Association is working with authorities to open borders for yachts.

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