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Police Service Commission Approves Promotions in the CDPF

The Police Service Commission has approved a number of promotions in the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force. The under mentioned officers have been promoted to act as follows:

  1. Superintendent Richmond VALENTINE to Assistant Commissioner of Police.
  2. Assistant Superintendent Leana EDWARDS to Superintendent of Police
  3. Assistant Superintendent Matthew CUFFY to Superintendent of Police
  4. Inspector Antonia MOSES to Superintendent of Police.
  5. Inspector George THEOPHILE to Assistant Superintendent of Police.
  6. Inspector Clinton HILAIRE to Assistant Superintendent of Police.
  7. Inspector Bellgrove CHARLES to Assistance Superintendent of Police.
  8. Inspector Anthony LAWRENCE to Assistant Superintendent of Police

The Chief of Police congratulates all the Officers on their promotion and is looking forward to them serving the public efficiently, professionally and effectively. He calls on the rant and file to give their unrelenting support to these officers to ensure a better Police Force and safer Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Chief of Police takes this opportunity to call on the very intelligent, healthy , disciplined and strong young men and women to apply for enlistment in the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force.

There is a career opportunity in the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force. It is a very noble profession.

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