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Police PRO Advises Against Burning of Debris

Public Relations Officer of the Fire and Ambulance Service, Mr Wayne Letang, who spoke to Kairi News about the current dry season, is warning against burning of debris.

He stated that with the increase in dry vegetation, potential fuel for the fire is greatly increased and may easily result in an uncontrollable fire.

Letang added that the fire department takes measures to control the spread of a fire and also prevent bush fires by pre-burning sessions. He explained that the department usually announces when those sessions will take place in order for residents to take the necessary actions.

The Fire Department also controls the spread of wild fires by using a technique called counter burning which was exercised on  with the bush fire in Canefield.

Letang explained counter burning is basically lighting of fires in a controlled manner around a larger fire which would exhaust most of the dry vegetation or fuel, resulting in a smaller, more controlled fire.

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