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PAYS Dominica Set To Host Inaugural Yachting Festival Next Week

Yachties will have even more reason to stop in Dominica as PAYS Dominica steps up its game as it partners with the ministry of tourism to host its inaugural yachting festival next week.

The yachting festival builds from the foundation of PAYS’ Yachtie Appreciation Week, a weeklong program of events which began in 2016 to show appreciation to the yachties who visit Dominica each year.

The festival aims to increase yacht arrivals to Dominica through a wide variety of activities and entertainment. From March 19 – 26, 2023, the inaugural festival will follow the theme ‘Celebrating Yachties in our Communities’ by attracting and enticing yachties through tours, beach activities, entertainment, community service, and local culinary art.

Speaking at the official launch of the festival last week, Minister for Tourism Denise Charles said this festival is the start of the strengthening of a partnership which will further boost the economy.

According to the Tourism Minister, government will soon construct a new marina in the Portsmouth area.

She says this new marina is expected to bring more opportunities to the north of the island, catapulting economic growth in the area.

Minister for Tourism Denise Charles

The Portsmouth Association of Yachting Sservives Dominica Yachting Festival aims to attract 200,000 visitors to the island by 2025 through the promotion of yachting and other sectors.


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