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Over Two-Million-Dollar Project Launched In Kalinago Territory

The “Building Resilience and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change and Disaster Risk in the Kalinago Territory’ project launched earlier today February 2, 2022.

The over two million project was designed to improve the community’s capacity for Development Planning, Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), and Disaster Risk Management (DRM).

Project Coordinator Lester Riviere says this project will be implemented over a period of two years.

Project Coordinator Lester Riviere

In addition to closing institutional gaps within the community, a multipurpose facility will be constructed which will also serve as an emergency shelter for safety and security of indigenous people in time of adverse events.

Minister for Kalinago Upliftment Cozier Frederick says this project will not only grant access to a safe emergency facility but also provide employment for the residents in the area.


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