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Over $8 Million Spent Through Emergency Cash Transfer Programme

Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs Catherine Daniel said over XCD$8 million was spent under the emergency cash transfer programme following Hurricane Maria. 

Following the passage of Hurricane Maria this cash programme was a joint initiative from the World Food Programme and UNICEF with assistance from the Ministry of Social Services. 

Ms. Daniel said that over 7000 households benefited from this programme. 

Ms. Daniel made these remarks TODAY, Thursday at the workshop aimed at assessing the challenges of the emergency transfer and future emergency preparedness and response initiatives. 

Daniel said that in the first round of the cash transfer programme over XCD$1 million was disbursed to the vulnerable families. 

Meantime, Daniel explained that the emergency cash grants were given to individuals who were under the public assistance programme and non-public assistance recipients. 

The emergency cash transfer programme was expected to target 8333 households and 6000 children. 

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