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Opposition to Force PM to Account for 1.2 Billion of CBI Funds

The Leader of the Opposition United Workers Party Lennox Linton has announced a series of actions to force Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to account for monies the Opposition claims are unaccounted for under Dominica’s Economic Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Mr. Linton told a press conference of his UWP on Wednesday, among the actions is a move to get international investigative agencies involved in the matter.

Linton said the Opposition was “left with no choice” but to proceed with actions, three of which are listed below and are to take place on September 30th 2019:

  1. A peaceful gathering o Victoria street to present a formal complaint to the President of Dominica, requesting his intervention.
  2. A peaceful gathering outside Police Headquarters to present a formal complaint to the Commissioner of Police requesting his intervention.
  3. A peaceful gathering outside the High- Court to present notification of pursuit of appropriate legal action to have the missing money deposited in a consolidated fund.

The Opposition leader also said that Hotelier Gregor Nassief has begun legal proceedings relating to statements Linton made on a radio programme about local hoteliers operating under Dominica’s CBI programme.

Government Advisor Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan continued to defend Government’s stance, and bashed Linton’s latest announcement as a calculated move to cause violence.

Astaphan reiterates that Linton’s case is based on faulty mathematics, and accused Linton of engaging in fear mongering.

“Mr. Linton is confronted on the apex of a statement calculated to cause violence… And one of the fundamental pillars on which he is calling for these civil disobediences is 1.2 billion and the allegation that the Prime Minister has stolen it.”

Meantime, MP for the Mahaut Constituency, Rayburn Blackmoore, has blasted the approach of the United Workers Party to election campaigning in Dominica.

He believes the Opposition UWP is running a campaign against the Prime Minister rather than for National Development.

Speaking on Kairi’s Heng Wednesday, Blackmoore said the skewed focus of the Opposition has caused an inability to produce comprehensive plans for Dominica’s improvement.

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