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Opposition Leader’s CBI Fund Information Request Rebuffed By Government

Government has rebuffed Opposition Leader Lennox Linton’s request for information on the country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Last week, Linton wrote to the Financial Secretary, Rosamund Edwards, requesting an accounting of the funds realized by Government under the programme, by August 14.

He says he has since received a reply, and read out a letter to the public, which acknowledged the receipt of his request for information about the Citizenship by Investment Programme “…for the last three financial years ending June 30th 2019”.

“We have been advised, however,” the letter continued, “that such requests should have been made through the Clerk of the House of Assembly since the Public Accounts Committee [of which Lennox Linton is Chairman] is a select committee appointed by the House”.

The letter also stated that further consideration would be given to the request when it is submitted in accordance to the Standing Orders of the House of Assembly.

“…this matter has to be resolved. The people of Dominica…need to be invited to show their disgust, and we will be inviting them to show their disgust. Stay tuned,” were the final words of the Opposition Leader, which hinted strongly at further action on the matter.

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