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Opposition Accused of Being “Devoid of Ideas”

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has accused the Opposition United Workers Party of being devoid of ideas to lead Dominica’s development.

Prime Minister Skerrit addressed the launch of the Dominica Labour Party candidate for the Roseau Valley on Sunday.

He said the party has failed to present concrete plans to the voting populace. According to him, “They launched their candidates four months ago, and yet… they have not articulated a single economic pathway for taking this country forward”.

He says that after four years of being an opposition, the United Worker’s Party should have become the Government in waiting.

He argued that opposition parties in the past have been able to articulate ideas for development, comparing the Opposition’s current campaign activities to that of the Dominica Labour Party during 1996 – 2000, under the leadership of late members, Roosevelt Douglas and Pierre Charles.

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