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One Arrested On Suspicion Following Firearms Seizure

On Thursday 3rd February, 2022, Police and Customs intercepted a number of firearms and ammunition at the Woodbridge Bay Port, one of the island’s main ports near Roseau.

In a press briefing held earlier today, assistant commissioner of police, Davidson Valerie says, one individual has been arrested under suspicion of trafficking and importation of firearms.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Davidson Valerie

Acting Superintendent of Police, George Theophile gave further details on the confiscated firearms.

Acting Superintendent of Police, George Theophile

The ammunition on display are as follows: six hundred and thirty-seven (637) nine (9) millimeter rounds, fifty point two two (50.22) three (3) rounds, and two seventy-six point five five (2 76.55) six (6) live rounds.

Meanwhile, Comptroller of Customs, Roderick Dejean, commends his staff for remaining proactive and is pleased with the close working relationship between the Customs Division and the Dominica Police Service.

Comptroller of Customs, Roderick Dejean

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