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ODM Receives Support to Improve Preparedness for Non-Seasonal Hazards

The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) continuously emphasizes the need to be always prepared for an emergency and has received support from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to improve preparedness in communities surrounding the new Regional Emergency Shelters.
Building on the Hurricane Maria experience in 2017, the Government of Dominica constructed three purpose-built Regional Emergency Shelters in Jimmit, Layou and Castle Bruce, to alleviate the challenges of long-term displacement of people into traditional emergency shelters (particularly schools and churches). Several factors differentiate these new emergency shelters from the traditional ones. IOM provided technical support to update the Draft Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) make provision for sudden onset emergencies like an earthquake or volcanic event.
Disaster Coordinator Fizroy Pascal says The ODM stands ready to collaborate with stakeholders who are working towards addressing the issues that undermine human security, especially that of very vulnerable persons.

Disaster Coordinator Fizroy Pascal

The Early Action for Preparedness of Communities project also supported 2 workshops to improve the knowledge of 15 community disaster managers including Emergency Shelter Managers from around the island about volcano and seismic events in Dominica, emergency communications, and management of the Regional Emergency Shelters in the event of such a disaster, using a people-centred approach of empowerment and protection of the most vulnerable for increased human security. The knowledge gained will facilitate improved planning and service provision at the community level, including surrounding communities’ ear-marked to evacuate to the Regional Emergency Shelters. The project also printed posters and booklets and translated materials for public education at the community level, and for the first time, produced ID cards for Managers and Assistant Managers of all the official emergency shelters in Dominica.

Communications Assistant for IOM Dominica, Maxine Alleyne Esprit noted the importance of office equipment  to facilitate the office of disaster management to produce those ID cards in house.

Communications Assistant for IOM Dominica, Maxine Alleyne Esprit

This project contributed to the NRDS objective that all communities in Dominica will be classified as Resilient Communities, and to objectives 10 (target 10.7), 11 and 13 of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Head of Office at IOM Dominica, Natasha Greaves says, the organization’s mission is to ensure the safe and orderly management of migration especially during a disaster as these events plays a significant impact on human mobility.

Head of Office at IOM Dominica, Natasha Greaves

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