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NYCD Recognizes World Non-Violence Day

The National Youth Council of Dominica is observing the International Day of Non-Violence to emphasize the importance of peace and unity.

The President of the National Youth Council, Pahel Lander, in a press release highlighted the negative impact of violence on society and the need for unity. The day serves as an opportunity to reflect on Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings, emphasizing the importance of being the change you want to see in the world.

Lander believes unity and collective efforts are seen as the key to paving the way for a peaceful and harmonious society. To achieve this vision, the youth are urged to promote dialogue and understanding, seek peaceful resolutions, support victims of violence, promote community-building activities, and be role models.

This day serves as a reminder that the power to shape the destiny of the nation rests with the youth.

President of the NYCD, Phael Lander

Together, they can build a society where peace prevails, and violence becomes a relic of the past. The event underscores the unwavering commitment to a peaceful and harmonious Dominica.

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