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No Work For The Unvaccinated?

Senior counsel Anthony Astaphan has sounded a note of caution that Dominicans who refuse to be vaccinated without a plausible reason should be willing to pay the price.

Astaphan last week added his voice to some other Caribbean counterparts that persons should be made to pay for the antigen tests which are free of charge and is costing governments thousands of dollars and yet people are still refusing to take the test or get vaccinated.

He has gone further as suggesting that person who refuses to be associated with the covid 19 rules whether by taking the various tests, being vaccinated, or observing health protocols such should not be allowed to enter the works place as these people put the lives of the vulnerable such as the elderly and children at risk.

According to him, there is a significant portion of the Dominican population that is simply NOT prepared whether for political or other reasons to do the right thing in relation to Covid 19.

He says it should not be left to the populace to decide what is right where vaccination against Covid is concerned.

He says, Dominica has had vaccination programs for many years and no one has died as a result but persons now want to decide not to take the vaccine and this is unacceptable.

Senior Counsel and advocate, Anthony Astaphan.

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