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NJAM To Launch Under More Organized Structure In The New Year

The National Joint Action Movement (NJAM) has been duly constituted, and will launch under a more organized structure on January first.

NJAM has as its mandate, according to a press release, to rescue Dominica from economic, social and political turmoil. The group is being led under the chairmanship of former Freedom Party leader and Economist Kent Vital. He says NJAM is not seeking political polarization, and its executive expects to meet with State departments in fulfilling its objectives.

Kent Vital, who’s Chairperson of the National Joint Action Movement (NJAM)

A press release by NJAM stated a number of individuals signed a memorandum of understanding to lead to NJAM being duly constituted on December first 2021.

The other members on the executive are Architect Severin McKenzie as the Deputy Chairperson; Lawyer John Elue Charles as the Secretary; Engineer Anthony E. Le Blanc Treasurer; and Small Business Owner and Social and Community Activist Loftus Durand as the Public Relations Officer. Four other executive members were elected as follows: Regional Consultant on Education Innovations, Project Management and Strategic Planning – David Edwards; Small Business Owner – Paula Celestine; Former Superintendent of Police – Nicholas George; and Contractor and Social Activist – Earl Bruno.

Membership in NJAM was open to individuals, civic organizations, trade unions, political parties and faith-based organizations leading up to the election.

There are five categories of membership within the group, including Followers, Grassroots, Premium, Associate and Corporate.

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