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New Pesticide Team Introduced

Man in Green shirt : Chief pesticide Inspector Joseph Blanford

Woman in Red shirt : Pesticide Control Board Of Secretary Annamary Seraphine

And the two on the right : Chairman of the Pesticide Control Board Ricky Brumant and Dr. LAura Esprit

Dominica’s Ministry of Agriculture today welcomed 8 additional Pesticide Inspectors to improve Pesticide Control here.

The inspectors will be posted across the island, to monitor various Agricultural regions, and Chief Pesticide Inspector Joseph Blanford says they will also assist in training Pesticide users on safe Pesticide use.

At a welcome ceremony this morning, Blanford highlighted the need for these officers as Pesticides use and sale increases here.

Blanford said one woman and seven men comprised the new team of Pesticide Inspectors.

Joseph Blanford, Chief Pesticide Inspector for Dominica

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