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New Issue of “The Link” Coming Soon

Parry Bellot, Owner and Editor of The Link Magazine revealed a post-carnival edition of The Link is expected to be released within a few weeks.

The magazine promises articles on the carnival pageants winners and runners up, including Miss Dominica, Miss Teen Dominica and Princess Show to name a few.

Bellot stated that  readers of The Link Magazine can expect a lot, which is typical of what the magazine offers.

“There’ll be a lot of other related articles really proving that this carnival is really a success by any means, most of the people report good crows and certainly the 2-days jump up past expectations.”

The Post-Carnival Issue will include articles on Carnival and Lent which has really been a topic of relevance, as to understanding why the two are so closely set on the calendar.

The Magazine will also cover important issues in Dominica such as education, health, agriculture, business and special features. BEllot stated that because we are also part of the global environment, regional and international stories will also be featured in The Link. 

Bellot confirmed that the magazine should hit the shelves within a few weeks as advertising support and finalized items for publishing are the main lines of work.

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