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New Isolation and Quarantine protocols outlined for Dominica

Chief Medical Officer David Johnson has outlined new protocols for managing positive cases of Covid-19 in Dominica.

Speaking at a Ministry of Health Press Briefing on Friday, Dr Johnson said following a situational analysis of the Covid-19 situation here and after consultation with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the ministry of health has established a list of revised quarantine and isolation protocols.

A new set of protocols will address positive cases who are asymptomatic or in other words not exhibiting any symptoms of the virus.

Different protocols will apply to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, he explained.

He said a person is considered vaccinated if there is evidence that he or she has received an approved two-dose or, in the case of Johnson and Johnson, one dose of vaccine, no less than two weeks prior to their PCR or antigen test.

Persons requesting testing, must present a vaccination card to the health care provider.

All asymptomatic, unvaccinated covid positive cases will be quarantined at a government approved facility.  An antigen test will be repeated after 5 days.  If the test remains positive, the patient will complete the 10 days of quarantine and then be discharged.

However, if the patient remains asymptomatic and receive a negative test on day 5, he or she will be given a wristband and sent home for an additional 5 days of home isolation.

Chief medical Officer, Dr. David Johnson

Attached are the revised isolation protocols.

Revised Isolation Protocols


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