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National Security Minister Calls on Truckers to remove their Trucks from the Canefield playing field or face penalties

National Security Minister and Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut constituency Rayburn Blackmore strengthens his stance on the issue if Truckers parking their trucks on the Massacre playing field.

Residents of massacre including sports enthusiasts have been complaining of the great inconvenience they have had to endure because of the parked trucks on the field which is supposed to be a place of recreations for the sports men and women and youth of the area so as to encourage them to engage in wholesome activities and at the same time properly exert their energies.

Canefield/Massacre has been known to be communities where sports has been the center of almost everything for the youth but members of the community are now saying this does not seem to be the case anymore.

National security Minister Blackmore says the playing field belongs to the people and not for parking of trucks

He says the truckers are occupying the field illegally

Mister Blackmore says if the truckers insist on remaining on the filed illegally then some form of action will be taken against them.

Meantime Mr Blackmore says plans are progressing smoothly for the construction of the new basketball hard court on Massacre

National security minister and parliamentary representative for the Mahaut constituency Rayburn.

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