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National Bank of Dominica Warns Against Email Scams

The National Bank of Dominica is expressing concern over a number of spam emails being received by customers and has cautioned customers not to click unfamiliar links.

The NBD has also advised its members and the general public that if they receive any electronic communication requesting details of their accounts that they should not open such email or attachments and delete immediately.

Susan Piper, Marketing Manager at the NBD says there has been no security breach of customers’ accounts at the bank as result of the spam.

“The spam emails have nothing to do with NBD, expecept that whoever is sending the emails wants the public to believe that it’s coming from NBD so that they can trust it…. this is the usual nature of these emails this is called phishing.”

She continued that at NBD, safeguarding customers information is part of their daily routine work and the bank has successfully done so and will continue to do so.

Piper is advising persons that if they receive any unusual email that they are not expecting that they should refrain from clicking such and do not reply by providing sensitive information

“If you have already acted on the email we recommend that you change all your password including the one to your email account. Just to be clear, NBD will not request that you provide your account information via email or any other unsecure means.”

Meanwhile Director of Telecoms Bennet Thomas tells Kairi news says persons who open emails that they are uncertain of are actually exposing themselves to a number of risks things including Hacking of their accounts.

He says even if the email looks familiar one should refrain from opening if they are uncertain of its contents.

Thomas says if there is a suspected breach, the recipient should immediately change his email address and use a very strong secure password and inform the provider so that they too could take action against the hacker.

He says the offending email should also be deleted from the trash and spam boxes.

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