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M&J Covering Concerned About Foreign Material Imports Over Those Locally Manufactured

David Elize of M&J Covering is concerned about the large sums of money that is being spent by Dominicans to purchase material in the French island and when the materials that are manufactured locally far surpasses the quality of what is being imported.

He has called on government to give more support to the business located at one mile in Portsmouth. He has also made the appeal on behalf of other local manufactures and businesses.

Elize said the DMA has made a special plea for him to install his machines in one of the government shed but that request has fallen on deaf ears. He now operates in the open during rain or shine exposing some of his machines to the elements.

He noted more effort should be made to encourage Dominica to support the local business here.

Owner of M and J roofing at one mile in Portsmouth David Elize


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