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Ministry of Trade Advises Against Storing Petroleum Products

The General Public is being warned against hoarding or storing fuel at their residences or business places.

Director of Trade Matthan Walters warns that it is an offence to store large quantities of petroleum products

He says it has been brought to the attention of the office of the inspector for noxious and dangerous substances who is appointed under section 4 of the noxious and dangerous substances control act that persons have been purchasing large quantities of gasoline, for storage at their homes or businesses without the appropriate licenses to do so.

Mr. Walters says the public is therefore informed that it is illegal under section 6, 2 of the said act, the noxious and dangerous substances control act, to store within a person’s own property noxious and dangerous substances above the following quantities without a license to do so.

Mr. Walters further informs the public that as earlier announced, a new shipment of fuel has arrived on island and is being made available at petrol supply pumps.

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