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Ministry of National Security Dispels Rumors of ePassport Price Increase

The Ministry of National security which is responsible for The Immigration Department says passport application costs will not increase in 2023.

This in light of rumors circulating in regards to the issuance of the new e-passport and fees connected.

According to a release from the Ministry, it is unfortunate that such rumors would be circulated around the holiday season causing great panic and distress to the public.

In light of this, the ministry of national security and legal affairs would like to clarify that the cost for passport application remains at ec$150.00 for adults and $75.00 for children under 16 years. There will be no increase in these costs as of 1st January 2023 as is being circulated.

The release further stated The Ministry of National Security and Legal Affairs is constantly seeking to ensure proper service at the immigration department and will continue to inform the public on the ePassport as time progresses.’

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