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Ministry Of Health Implements New Covid 19 Health Protocols

New amendments have been made to the Covid 19 health protocols. The amendments were created in an effort to seek public support, save time on results and testing, and also ease the burden on health practitioners and members of the health team.

Chief medical officer Dr. David Johnson says over the last 7 days the Unit has seen an average of 72 positive covid19 cases a day. As of January 12, Dominica recorded a total of 504 active cases with a death toll of 47

Dr. Johnson was happy to report a decrease in the number of active cases in two communities that had a cluster of cases over the Christmas holidays however, the ministry remains concerned and will continue to monitor the situation.

The ministry of health announced the revised covid 19 health protocols based on evidence gathered from the covid 19 situation in Dominica. These revised isolation and quarantine health protocols took effect Monday, January 10th, 2022.

Meantime, Acting Director of Primary Health Care, Dr. Lynora Drigo is calling on clients to cooperate and be honest when questioned by health professionals.

She went on to explain what happens in cases of unvaccinated clients.

The following categories of positive cases will be referred for admission and Dr. Drigo says this is where the Ministry will not budge.

Acting Director of Primary Health Care, Dr. Lynora Drigo.

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