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Ministry of Health Concerned on Public Stress Levels

The Ministry of Health is concerned about the level of stress associated with the behavior of Dominicans and the impact this could have on their social and mental life and their performance on the job.

The ministry has over the last few weekend been engaging the public on patterns they could adopt so as to lessen the level of stress that they go through post hurricane Maria.

Many person have been reporting feeling sick and suffering with joint and muscles pains since hurricane Maria.

Health educator Adora Toussaint says the amount of stress a person goes through could determine their standard of health and length of life.

She says many times people complain of these pains not even realizing that they are associated with high levels of stress.

Toussaint says persons must also understand that what may seem insignificant to them may be great stress to someone else and is therefore calling for a level tolerance of the people go through stressful periods. She says stress could affect people’s performance on the job.

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