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Ministry of Education Taking Measures to Support Students in the East

The ministry of education is working to provide support to students of the east affected by last weekend’s weather system.

Permanent secretary in the ministry of education Chandler Hyacinth said at present, few schools in the east are in operation albeit at limited capacity.

She said the ministry is also working to deliver water and food supplies to those affected.

Students who attend school in the city have also been affected as their communities were locked in by landslides.

Hyacinth said the ministry is working with the schools to reach these students through an online platform.

She added, the Castle Bruce Primary School is also facing the hazard of further landslides in the area and the ministry is assessing the situation to determine rehabilitation actions.

The current situation in the east can take a mental toll especially on young minds, therefore the ministry is also set to provide counseling support to the students and staff of the schools in the area when motorable access is restored.

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