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Ministry of Agriculture to Make White Potato Crop Calendar, 2022/2023 Available to Farmers

The Ministry of Agriculture Blue and Green Economy and, National Food Security is in the process of making available a white potato crop calendar, 2022/2023.

According to Information Officer at the ministry Petra Grell-Shillingford, this calendar will be used as a quick reference guide during land preparation and throughout the planting season.

Shillingford says additionally, a manual has been devised with more in-depth scientific information and, farmers who would need any further clarification could contact the division of agriculture or any service center in their region.

She says the Ministry is informing farmers that white potato seeds have arrived on island which have been tested and cleared for sale.

She says this year the ministry is attempting to make the season a model, for which it is anticipating the distribution of the white potato crop calendar.

Meantime, The Ministry of Blue and Green Economy Agriculture and National Food Security is inviting all Fishers from the east namely Castle Bruce to Petit Soufriere to a meeting with the Fisheries Division staff and the Labour Party Representative for the Castle Bruce constituency Octavia Alfred to discuss the recent weather systems and the impact on their operations.

The meeting is scheduled for today Monday November 28th from 2.00pm sharp at the Roman Catholic Presbytery in San Sauveur.

Fishers are urged to be present and on time.

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