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Ministry Of Agriculture To Hold Activities In Observance Of Plant Heath Day Today

The Ministry of Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security joins The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) today in observance of the first International Day of Plant Health.

Plant Health is a critical issue in addressing global hunger as plant pests and diseases cause massive crop losses and leave millions without enough food.

Head of plant quarantine Nelson Laville says despite several setbacks this observance has been in the making for a number of years.

Head of plant quarantine Nelson Laville

The resolution sets out that healthy plants constitute the foundation for all life on Earth, as well as ecosystem functions, food security and nutrition, adding that plant health is key to the sustainable development of agriculture required to feed a growing global population by 2050.

Laville is seeking the support of stake holders in providing feedback on an emergency response plan for the protection of plants during a crisis or disaster.

The ministry held a table-top simulation exercise at the PSU ahead of International plant health day

The exercise included the grouping responsible for executing an emergency response plan for Dominica namely, the  customs department,  the extension services, the ministry of trade and legal affairs, DASPA, IICA, Cardi, and the police.

Nelson Laville of the Ministry of Agriculture

Activities will continue throughout today for the general public and the media at the Botanic Gardens

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